What Determines the Price of a Crown?

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“How much does a crown cost?” It may seem like a simple question to ask your dentist, but the answer is more complex that you might think. Lots of factors go into the price of a crown that can make the answer to that question vary from person to person.

The Type of Crown You Choose

The various types of crowns include metal (gold or alloys), ceramic and zirconia. The last two are tooth-colored, which make them popular choices for patients who are concerned about aesthetics. Metal options are more obvious but can be more affordable than tooth-colored options.

Your Insurance Coverage

Most plans cover a certain percentage of the cost of a crown and leave you to pay the rest. For example, some plans will cover 60% of the cost while the patient pays 40%. Whether you have the type of insurance plan that covers a portion of the cost outright, or the kind that you need to submit a bill for, ultimately some of the cost of your crown may be paid for by your insurance company.

Your Oral Health Care Habits

The cheapest type of crown is one you never need to begin with. We don’t want to lecture, but you should know that in a healthy, well-protected mouth, a crown is an unusual intervention. Aside from accidents that physically break a tooth, most crowns are the result of tooth decay that has gotten so bad the tooth can’t survive it. The cheapest option is to come see us for your checkups regularly, brush and floss, and to get cavities filled when we find them!

While we’d love to assume that the first thing patients have in mind when making decisions about their dental care is their dental health, we do realize that many patients also think of their budget. In an ideal world, every patient would be able to get the care they need without having to worry about the cost, but in place of that imaginary scenario, we strive to work with every patient can get the care they need affordably. Always feel free to ask us about your options financially planning your treatment.