How Do I Find a Good Dentist Near Me?

Happy woman at the dentist

Finding a dentist is about finding someone you like and trust. The dental clinic you choose should be you and your family’s dental home, your headquarters for all things dental health related. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and where you’re greeting by name when you arrive. In addition, your dentist should be convenient and personalised so you know you’re getting the best care for your unique smile.

How Do I Find a Good Dentist Near Me?

One of the best ways to find a new dentist is to ask your coworkers, friend, and family members. Chances are most of your co-workers live nearby and share the same dental insurance that you do. Ask you colleagues for a recommendation for a great dentist.

Obviously, convenience is a big factor in finding a dentist. Many people search for dentists near their homes, which certainly makes sense. But you can also keep an eye out for dental offices that are near your place of work. Another clever idea is to keep an eye out for dental practices along your commute.

How Can I Find a Dentist Who Makes Dental Care Easy For Me?

We understand that very few people eagerly look forward to going to the dentist, but everyone needs to go to the dentist. For that reason, we believe that dental care should fit into your life as easily as possible. Look for a dentist who has convenient hours that don’t require you to miss work or pull your kids out of school for teeth cleanings. A dentist should make it easy for you by offering appointments before work and after work, and even on the weekends, so you don’t have to take time off.

You teeth cleaning appointments are the most important part of your preventive dental care and keeping your smile healthy. Therefore, cleaning appointments should be as easy and quick as possible! Cleaning appointments should only be about an hour long, including your time with the dental hygienist, x-rays by the dental assistant and a brief exam and checkup with the dentist. If we only ask for 2 hours of your time each year, what excuse do you really have not to visit the dentist?!

How Can I Find a Dentist Who Provides Personalised Care?

Like any relationship, it’s important to have good communication. Your dentist’s office should always answer the phone when you call. You should almost never be put on hold or get the answering machine while the dental clinic is open.

Good communication also means having a dentist who listens and takes the time to explain all procedures and recommendations. If you have questions about the treatment that your dentist recommends, including why it’s necessary, don’t just nod and pretend you understand. It’s important for you to be an active participant in your own care, so be sure to find a dentist who listens to your concerns and can explain your dental care in non-technical terms you can easily understand.

How Can I Find an Affordable Dentist?

Many consider whether a dentist is affordable to be a matter of opinion, especially because dental costs vary by region (often due to factors beyond the dentist’s control, such as dental supplies and insurance companies).

We believe that is ethically correct for dentists to make preventive care as inexpensive as possible. That’s because a little money spent on preventive care can save most patients thousands of dollars in potential restorative dentistry or periodontal care in the future. In fact, in most cases, patients who have dental insurance will not pay anything out-of-pocket for preventive care such as teeth cleanings. Those insured patients who do pay for preventive care usually only pay a very small co-pay.

For patients who don’t have insurance, many dentists offer in-house dental coverage plans. These membership plans are exclusive to that dentist’s office and usually include preventive care such as cleanings and annual x-rays at no additional cost, plus discounts on other common procedures such as crowns, fillings and sometimes gum disease treatments.

Most dental clinics also offer some kind of financing option, such as CareCredit or Springstone. If you’re concerned about how much your dental care might cost, be sure to ask your dentist about what financial arrangements they offer. Most dentists will be with flexible with patients about how they pay for their care. After all, our primary goal is for you and your family to have healthy smiles for a lifetime!